New Home For the Limerick Writers’ Centre

The Limerick Writers’ Centre is now based at 12 Barrington Street, Limerick, Ireland.  To contact the centre you can write to the above address or email or contact one of the board members by phone at:

Tel: 087 2996409 (Dominic Taylor) 087 6832949 (Mike Finn)




4 Responses to “New Home For the Limerick Writers’ Centre”

  1. A thousand congratulations on setting up the Centre and I look forward to having our two organisations work together in the near future. You might just prove an example to the ‘powers that be’ in Galway! Nice one all round – Fred.

  2. Hi Dominic,
    Does this mean that the Whitehouse poets are running from the new centre? or is it as well as.
    Congratulations on setting it up and may it
    float many boats of poets far and wide.
    All the best Jean O’Brien

  3. I was at 12 Barrington St,last Saturday with Dominic Taylor. I just had my book published by Mercier Press, Cork The Story of Ireland’s Only Steeplejill and went to chat with Fiona Clerk Echlin,Tutor and her many writers.Also met with guests, John Reddington, Michael Durack,Pat O’Connor, & Myles Breen and had a wonderful experience. Will do it again. Well done to you all.

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