Developing Original Fiction Characters Workshop

The Limerick Writers’ Centre Presents

Developing Original Fiction Characters Workshop

With author William Ryanwilliam ryan

 Sat 25th May 10.00am to 1.00pm

 Novelist William Ryan will work with participants to developholy thief fiction characters that stand out, using group exercises to show how to bring characters to life and move your stories forward.

Protagonists. How to identify what the central character’s role in the story is and how their interactions with other characters will drive your plot forward. You’ll also discuss how to develop a back story and how to use it, how the central character’s role is influenced by what he does.

Group Exercises in Developing a Central Character

Subsidiary Characters. How do you go about giving each character depth? How to give them unique identities and subvert expectations.

Group Exercises in Developing Subsidiary Characters

Managing Characters – how to keep track of them in a novel and make sure they do their jobs for you. How to developing and manage character conflicts and track characters’ narrative arcs over the story.

To book a place on the workshop please email the fee for the workshop is €5.00 payable in advance. Places are limited.

The workshop will take place at our centre at 12 Barrington St., Limerick. Email

Further details Dominic Taylor 087 2996409


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